Residential Applications

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Are your sidewalks uneven? Afraid of tripping? Standing water? Protect your investment!

Take a walk around your home. If you have a problem with sunken, cracked, or uneven concrete, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary liability. NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling has the solution! We offer polyurethane concrete raising which is typically half the cost of concrete replacement, and the work is completed in hours not days.

Trip hazards challenge everyone, but especially the old, young, disabled and those with canes, crutches, or wheelchairs. Trip hazards can represent a legal liability to our clients. When lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam, trip hazards can be completely and cleanly removed, virtually eliminating them and the liability claims that may result from trips and falls on uneven walkways.

Concrete raising is the process of raising and stabilizing settled concrete. It can be applied around your home for areas including:

Concrete Raising uses a foam material that is injected under the slab.  Once injected, the material expands, and the expanded foam fills any voids and raises the concrete.

  1. A series of holes is drilled into the concrete.
  2. Material is introduced below the slab filling voids and raising it to a desired height.
  3. The holes are patched with cement.

What can concrete raising repair?

Polyurethane offers the ability to make concrete raising nearly invisible! The extremely small holes are just 5/8". Smaller holes, and fewer of them eliminate the visual evidence that your concrete has been raised. Perfect for stamped concrete, these small holes can blend into faux grout lines saving you thousands of dollars in replacing high-end stamped concrete.

If you have any questions about what to expect from NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling, please contact us at 1-855-NOVAFOAM.